Orientation Day is the first time that the newly selected interns will meet. It is normally held at the Queen's University Belfast's Student's Union and is a must for all interns to attend. Held by the Northern Ireland Coordinators and also a few American Coordinators usually Al De Benedictis will come over to attend this. During this interns will get to meet each other through a series of activities and will also meet past interns and key Project Children Speakers. 

The interns will be given an information pack which will guide them from what to bring to how to complete their visa. It is crucial for interns to attend as all key information will be given out and any intern questions will be answered. Normally at this event there are interns from past years this gives you the opportunity to ask past interns about their experiences. Also asking the coordinators questions can prove to be beneficial. Again we cannot stress to interns how important this day is.