Project Children Intern Class of 2013


Aisling O'Brien

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Law, Interned at the Osborne & Sheffield, Jacksonville, Florida.

"While staying in Jacksonville, Florida, I had the opportunity to intern at Osborne and Sheffield Title Services. Mr Osborne’s real estate office was a busy, exciting and hugely interesting firm to intern in. Everyone was most welcoming and eager to ensure I enjoyed and benefitted from my time spent interning at the office. Mr Osborne’s work mostly focused on real estate closings, wills and probate. This area of work would mostly be practiced by a solicitor in the Northern Irish jurisdiction. Therefore, I was able to use some of the knowledge I have from studying Land Law and the transfer of land and use it to compare the different jurisdictions. From this, I was also able to critically analyze the similarities and differences in the law of the two jurisdictions and come to conclusions about the advantages and disadvantages surrounding some aspects of the law. I often had the exciting opportunity to sit in on closings and with clients who wished to draft or redraft their will. Aside from this, I also had the chance to appreciate how huge importance is placed on the administrative staff in a busy Attorney’s office. I spent some of my time helping a Closer and had the chance to appreciate the intricacies and details which must be paid attention to in the transfer of real estate. I learned the importance of working and communicating with people well in often stressful situations in the office.

I was fortunate enough to spend my time in Jacksonville with a wonderfully caring, exciting and fun host family. They went above and beyond what was expected in order to ensure that Zara and I had the best time on our Floridian adventure. Zara and I were fortunate enough to be staying with a host family who had a daughter around the same age as us named Cara. Cara, and her friend Sabrina, included us in everything that they did and really made us feel like true Americans! We celebrated 4th July in true local style while riding our bikes along the beach, baked 4th July cupcakes, chilled out in the family pool, had a fancy night out at the Alhambra dinner theatre and wined and dined at some of the best restaurants and eateries in the Jacksonville Beach area. Zara and I were astounded by the generosity and interest displayed by the Americans in trying to ensure we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We received so many wonderful invitations: we travelled on speedboats, dined at an exclusive restaurant along the intercostal waterway, participated in a family karaoke night and spent a fantastic weekend with another family, friends of our host family. I have created so many memories during my summer in Jacksonville Beach and have made some great friends. This has been a summer I will never forget and I would like to thank Norita and the Co-Ordinators at Project Children for making this amazing summer possible.”



Alex Stafford

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying International Politics and Conflict, Interned at Michael Stapleton Associates, New York, New York.

"My internship has been the most important introduction to a real-life workplace I have ever experienced. It has introduced me to not only to my field of work, but also to the New York work ethic. While I have been expected to work very hard, I have also been given a great opportunity to network, build working relationships and bolster my C.V. I have developed many new skills, and I am now proficient in numerous computer programs that will directly benefit me upon my return to Ireland. The team I have worked with have also been a great blessing. My colleagues within the company have been welcoming, understanding and more than facilitating. This internship has allowed me to flourish in many ways, not only professionally but also personally by teaching me what I am capable of achieving. I use NetSuite, excel and Microsoft word along with many other programs. I create invoices, manage expenses, and do filing. All of this has ensured I have well rounded finance and office experience. Working in MSA has been the most beneficial and enjoyable time of my life. I am extremely glad, and very lucky to be fortunate enough to have had the experience."




Caitriona Forde

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Law, Interned at the Morris Co. Prosecutor's Office, New Jersey.


"When I first heard about Project Children I was in my second year of law at Queen’s University and was unfortunately unsuccessful when I first applied for the Project Children internship. This year, when I received the phone call from Marie Therese Griffin saying that she would like to offer me an internship in America I couldn’t believe my luck and was so excited that I was finally getting to America! I interned with the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office in New Jersey. During the six weeks I gained a valuable insight into the American legal system through observing bail applications, re-trial hearings, and the sentencing process for murder trials. It was interesting to view the differences in the attorneys’ approaches to presenting their arguments before the judges and their open interactions with the judges. A particularly interesting feature of the internship was the great number of female Assistant Prosecutors. Their confidence and eloquence when confronting the opposition and presenting their argument before the judge, and not sacrificing their femininity in order to work alongside their male counterparts, has strengthened my ambition to sit the Institute exam and embrace the challenge that awaits in becoming a solicitor who specializes in medical malpractice.


I fell in love with Morristown, New Jersey and couldn’t have asked for a better host family! I am so grateful that I was placed with such a generous and caring family who made me feel at ease and welcomed me into their home as one of their own. After work at the prosecutor’s office, time was spent shopping, going for fro-yo, going on daytrips to Philadelphia and the Jersey Shore, and weekend trips to New York. Although there were bouts of homesickness when shopping in King’s supermarket rather than in the familiar Tesco and realizing I couldn’t iron the crease in my linen trousers, my time in America has been the best experience of my life so far and I am so grateful to Project Children for providing me with this wonderful opportunity!"



Ciara Maguire

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Accounting, Interned at the Turning Stone Resort, Verona, New York.


“I had the opportunity to intern at Turning Stone Resort in Verona, NY. During my time in Upstate New York, I have gained not only valuable work experience but also been given an insight into the American culture and met some great people along the way. Turning Stone is a beautiful and overwhelmingly large resort that provides almost any sort of entertainment one can think of. It holds host to a casino, two spas, multiple golf courses, and many different types of restaurants and bars. During my time there, I witnessed the enterprises’ celebrations for 20 years of business and the opening of a whole new branch of the resort.


I have had an excellent range of experiences during my internship at Turning Stone. Following the annual employee picnic and a two day induction, I worked for a week and a half as a dining attendant at the Pino Pronto restaurant, enabling me to interact with the resort’s patrons who were always eager to hear about Ireland. I then spent two days in the marketing department which was fascinating and allowed me to see both the designing and distributing of marketing materials across different medias. After marketing, I spent three days working as a food runner in Upstate Tavern, another restaurant. I found the work in each of these places extremely enjoyable and they have enhanced my communication and team-working skills, but most of all my ability to adapt to situations outside of my comfort zone. Being an accounting student, I was eager to start the remaining few weeks of my internship in the finance department at Turning Stone. At present, I have been working there just over a week and have already got a great insight into tasks similar to those I would be completing in an accountancy graduate post.


As I mentioned earlier, I have also got to experience the American culture and the hospitality of two fantastic host families. I started my internship off living in Vernon and spent a weekend at camp beside Alex Bay, a beautiful lake; enjoyed a day at Sylvan Beach; took part in the traditional American games of Cornhole and KanJam; and visited Destiny USA, one of the largest malls in America. For the second part of my internship, I moved to Syracuse and have had even more fantastic experiences including going on a boat tour of Skaneateles; going to two different festivals, including working at the Great American Irish Festival for Project Children; and eating at some delicious restaurants. This coming weekend myself and two other interns are travelling to the Canadian border to see Niagara Falls before heading to see the sights in New York City on the final weekend. My Project Children Internship at Turning Stone has been one of the most diverse, exciting, enjoyable and valuable experiences of my life, both inside and outside of work, and one which I am sure never to forget.”



Clíodhna NicBhranair

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Irish and History, Interned at the Aisling Center, Bronx, New York.

"This summer I interned at the Aisling Irish Community Center on McLean Avenue in Woodlawn, an area that is home to a huge amount of Irish immigrants. I spent two weeks of my internship helping organise and run the Celtic Camp. This was a summer camp for children ranging from ages 4 to 10 and I was involved in planning various activities such as arts and crafts, music and dance and games. Although it took (a lot!) of energy it was a very enjoyable experience and I’m glad I had the opportunity to take part in it. It was very rewarding to see the children enjoying the activities and become more confident in themselves over the course of the fortnight.


As well as the Celtic Camp, I also helped out with the Senior Programme in the Aisling Center. The group meets twice a week in the Center and meeting the people who participate in it was an invaluable experience. I got to hear, first-hand, the stories of people who had emigrated from Ireland to America over the years. There were many different circumstances under which this happened, and I found it strange to hear because it seems, given the recent wave of emigration from Ireland, that Irish people are finding themselves in the same situation all over again, even fifty, or more, years later. Overall, I’m extremely grateful to Project Children for providing me with such an incredible opportunity. I gained so much from my internship and from the people at the Aisling Center. Thanks to everyone there. It was an amazing seven weeks that I will never forget!"





Colum Mackey

Student at the University of Ulster Studying Law, Interned at Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana, LLP, Long Island, New York.


"I was placed at Forchelli, Curto, Deegan, Schwartz, Mineo & Terrana, LLP, one of Long Island's most acclaimed and distinguished law firms. The firm primarily deals with business and commercial issues and in my time I had the opportunity to observe cases involving a broad range of clients, including national, regional and local businesses, major real estate developers and organizations, banks, insurance companies, municipalities, educational institutions, and individuals from all walks of life. Over the six weeks I had the chance to work and speak with many talented attorneys, paralegals and support staff. I sat in on client meetings, observed a closing, read case files and documents and keep up to date with landmark federal and local court rulings through daily legal periodicals. I accompanied attorneys to court on several occasions and was given the opportunity to watch cases being heard at the New York City Supreme and Nassau Supreme Court.


I accompanied Dan Deegan, Partner, to political fundraisers for the Democratic candidates for the Nassau and Suffolk County Executives, which I found very interesting and enjoyable. My experience of the firm has allowed me to realise the contrast and similarities of the US and UK legal systems. I have gained an insight into areas of law which I had not previously been exposed and have learnt a lot. My time here has been fantastic and I cannot thank the firm, my host family or the organisers at Project Children enough."



Conor Fitzpatrick

Student at the University of Ulster Studying Business Studies, Interned at Group Dynamix, Dallas, Texas.


"My Project Children internship was with Group Dynamix in Dallas, Texas; they are the largest indoor team-building centre in the US and a very exciting company to work for. My role as a marketing intern involved many different tasks including managing their social media pages and helping to create new programs and events to market as part of their overall marketing strategy. The staff at Group Dynamix were some of the friendliest and outgoing people I have ever met and I had a lot of fun working alongside them; I felt very welcome right from the start and I was included in all company meetings and decision making. It was great to get hands on experience in business and particularly in marketing which I’m sure will prove to be a great help with my career development.


My host family in Dallas were Ken and Peggy Fleming and I could not have asked to stay with two nicer people. They were really accommodating and it has been brilliant living with them and spending time visiting the various attractions in Texas with them. The Flemings and I attended various events together including the Gold Cup Semi Finals, toured the Dallas Cowboys Stadium and went to a Texas Rangers baseball game among others, all fantastic experiences. Outside of work/family life I joined Fionn MacCumhaill’s Dallas GAA team; which was a great way of meeting people in the local Irish community. The lads on the team were great craic and we ended up playing in the Texas State Championship in Houston. Some of the other activities/events I went to were a Wiz Khalifa and A$AP Rocky concert, a trip to Houston to meet friends and of course the final weekend in New York. The whole Project Children Intern Program really has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would recommend it to anyone."



Danielle Patrice


Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Finance, Interned at Plymouth Community Arts Council, Michigan.



Enda McKenna

Student at Queen’s University Belfast Studying Business Information Technology, Interned at Calorique LLC, Massachusetts.


"Calorique LLC is a global manufacturing organisation who design and manufacture a thin film radiant heat technology. Calorique have offices in Europe and Asia and employ around 50 people worldwide. I was working in the Marketing Department as an intern and had a number of projects to complete. I was responsible for creating a social media campaign and building up an online presence for the company. This involved carrying out market research and investigating competitor profiles. I was also responsible for Calorique’s branding campaign, I was required to design and develop braded material for print and for online advertising and promotion. This was a fun and dynamic role, I got to experience firsthand how the organisation operated separately but worked together to achieve overall targets.


During my internship with Calorique I stayed in the historic harbor town of New Bedford with my work colleague James Boydston, who showed me the typical American lifestyle. This is a great town steeped in history, along the cobble streets were some fantastic cafés and bars. I was so fortunate to meet some fantastic people in New Bedford and spend time with them at BBQs, the beach and the local Irish bar - Slàinte. I spent most weekends on Cape Cod with my host family, Gene & Sandy McGillycuddy. They were fantastic, I felt right at home, as if I was part of the family. I was lucky to meet their entire family circle who showed great kindness and generosity. I had an amazing American adventure, during the 8 week internship I got to do and see so much, from the busy streets of NYC and Boston to the quiet relaxed beaches on the Cape and Jersey Shore. Every weekend was jammed packed full of activities, from visiting shopping malls, to touring the coast and beach, to seeing the iconic tourist attractions of America. 


I have learnt so much from this experience and grown as a person. I thoroughly enjoyed working at Calorique and how everyone made me feel like a full time employee, my views and opinions were taken on board. This was an unforgettable summer, an absolutely amazing experience; I have made so many new friends. I would strongly encourage any student with the desire to travel to the US to apply to Project Children."



Eoin Murphy

Student at University College Cork Studying Architecture, Interned at BHC Architects, Manhattan, New York.


"My internship with BHC Architects in Manhattan was more hands-on than I could have hoped for this summer. Working within the practice was a privilege in itself as the office boasts some amazing projects and a very experienced team of employees. The friendly office environment immediately helped me to settle into my work from the word ‘go’ and further more enjoy the work that I had been given. I feel blessed to be able to say that I was able to contribute to some of the reconstruction work after Superstorm Sandy, as numerous projects were based on libraries around the Brooklyn area affected. Seeing how different architecture offices conduct their business provides essential education for the future, especially if someone wishes to own their own practice, likewise the professionalism that the partners and staff in BHC maintain is a key part to their success.


The office is situated on 28th street and 5th avenue Manhattan, this central location (short walk from Penn Station) in a fantastic city creates a tremendous opportunity for anyone with an interest in architecture, and so during lunch I could walk from the office, up towards the Chrysler building, then over to the Empire State building, or down to the flatiron building – the most photographed building in the city. The past 2 months will have a huge impact not only on my college work, but hopefully on the rest of my career also. I was also fortunate enough to make the most of my free-time in the city too. I got to see Ben Howard, The Gaslight Anthem, and even won tickets to the David Letterman Show!"



Fionnuala Doherty

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Psychology, Interned at Employment Horizons, Morris County, New Jersey.


"Project Children granted me with a lifetime opportunity to experience a seven week internship in a non-profit organization called Employment Horizons in Morris Plains New Jersey. This organization allowed me to gain valuable experience in working with adults with both physical and mental disabilities. The organization aims to help these adults to develop both personal qualities and skills which allow them to them to be fulfilled in an employment environment. It also encourages these individuals to fulfill their ambitions and seek employment in the local area with support from onsite job coaches.


My main role was in the production area of the organization. Here, I aimed to both facilitate clients in their needs and to motivate them to achieve their best potential. I also had to check all work finished by clients on the floor before it was sent away. I got the opportunity to observe the characteristic behaviors of many different conditions such as autism and ADHD. I also had the opportunity to observe the role of onsite counselors and job coaches. I furthermore gained an insight into the means by which abilities of the clients were tested. I was given a great deal of responsibility on occasions whereby I supervised teams of around 21 clients on my own. This certainly allowed me to gain valuable skills as I learned how to deal with seizures, challenging behavior and how to apply many different means of communication to unique characteristics of client’s disabilities. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity to be a team member of such a valuable organization. The staff in Employment Horizons couldn’t have been more welcoming, supportive and friendly and are truly amazing at what they do.


This internship has confirmed for me that Educational Psychology is the path I wish to take with my degree as I have loved every minute. Both my host family and my internship have ensured that this will be 8 weeks which I will never forget. I just want to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in Project Children who made this experience possible for me."



Gareth Gilmour

Student at South West College Studying Creative Media Production, Interned at Galaxy Communications Radio Station

"For my internship in America I had a work placement in Galaxy Communications Radio Station in Syracuse. I worked there for the next six weeks of my stay in New York and it was a great experience for me as I got to see first hand how a large and successful radio station works and operators within the business. My main role within the radio station was helping out with the K-Rockathon festival that the radio station holds every year, and this was number 18. My work ranged from filing documents, changing advertisements for radio spots, putting together passes/VIP passes, updating websites with future events, setting up fun activities for the event like the hamster ball etc to collecting and delivering merchandise for the event. It has shown me how much work has to go into creating an event of this size and also how each member contributes to the work so it can run smoothly.


Another area of the business that I also got an insight into was the sales and promotions side of things. I attended several of these meetings in my time with the radio station and I got to see first hand how the business worked with their sponsors and how money was generated for the radio station. My time at the radio station was a great experience, one that I will always remember. The experience I have gained from this will hopefully give me a better chance of securing a job back home."



Jenny Bridges

Student at Newcastle University Studying Business Accounting & Finance, Interned at the The Irish Echo, Manhattan, New York.

“My internship was at The Irish Echo which is the USA's most widely read Irish-American newspaper. The office is situated in the financial district of Downtown Manhattan and is within walking distance of Ground Zero, the Brooklyn Bridge and Broadway which are all great to visit on a lunch break or after work. From the start I was immediately made to feel very welcome, even being invited to evening events in the Residence of the Consulate General of Ireland, and everyone was willing to help me with any questions I had. My work was focused mainly around helping with the recent transition between computer systems as well as dealing with subscription payments and contacting customers about upcoming events that the newspaper was having such as the Labor 100 Awards.

I was also trusted to deposit cheques and money orders. The office is especially busy at the start of the week before the paper is printed every Wednesday. Although my internship was tailored towards my degree in Business Accounting and Finance, the editors also asked me to write a story to be published in the paper about my time working on a veteran's house for Habitat for Humanity in Tuscaloosa. I really enjoyed working for this company and feel that it has given me a more well-rounded understanding of the business world which is invaluable experience going forward with my future career. I’m incredibly grateful to everyone involved in helping to make this internship possible.



Kurtis McGreevy

Student at the University of Ulster Studying Politics, Interned at Interned at the Office of Peter King, Congressman, New York.


"My work experience in congressman kings office has been invaluable and is a great asset setting me aside from other people in my field of study. Congressman King has always been a well revered member of the House of Representatives and almost a household name and his actions truly reflect the opinions of his constituents. During my time working in his Massapequa office I had to do general office work, dealing with constituent calls and concerns, help promote his social media profile and consult other federal offices on behalf of constituents.

Dealing with constituents was a huge part of my internship, trying to get information on their behalf in terms of compensation for damage from hurricane Sandy, noting down comments they wished to pass on the congressman and allocating medals to locally honored veterans. The congressman and his staff were very well grounded and very accepting of all interns and particularly found it enjoyable when I was having problems explaining things to constituents with my accent over the phone. This experience has been essential for my personal gain and experience of working life particularly in my field of study; it was also very enjoyable to work so closely with such a revered political figurehead in the United States."



Maoiliosa Scott

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying English with Creative Writing, Interned at the Irish Examiner Newspaper, New York, New York.


"Every morning, I awoke in Port Washington, a beautiful town on Long Island. The sun would already be shining when I went to catch the train to Penn Station, an hour long commute to work on Madison Avenue in Manhattan. Days were spent working; during the evenings and on weekends, I got the chance to experience what life is like in America. I worked for the Irish Examiner, an American newspaper, and this opportunity has allowed to me to learn a lot about how a newspaper operates. Whilst working here, the owner has been taking the newspaper in a new direction – focusing more heavily on the online aspect of things, in keeping with audience demands. This has been an exciting time to be involved with the newspaper, and I was lucky enough to be able to contribute my own pieces of writing to it.

The fourth of July was spent by the poolside, watching the fireworks in the evening, and many days were spent site-seeing. From barbeques, walks through central park, and shopping in huge malls, to getting sunburnt, avoiding sales people in Times Square, and navigating the labyrinth that is the subway system – I really got an idea of New York life. Dynamic and diverse, I loved it, and I hope one day to be able to come back."


Niamh O'Neill

Student at the University of Ulster Studying Communications with Public Relations, Interned at The Waterstone Inn, Greenwood Lake, New York.


"Thanks to Project Children I have been able to experience an unforgettable eight weeks in the United States. Firstly, the week we spent in Alabama was the best week of my life, it was very challenging but so enjoyable that it made every minute worthwhile. It felt great to be giving back to people who need the help. I study Communications with Public Relations in University and I interned at the Waterstone Inn carrying out various marketing advertising, researching and online public relations duties. This entire internship give me a good insight into the world of communications and how exactly a business is run. I also helped out around the Inn wherever I can with the Mulcahy family who I lived with. They made me feel at home from day one and I had such an amazing time getting to know them and their friends and family.


Taking part in American life was much different to life back home; I got to go on paddle boats, kayaks, jet skis and tubing! Living and working in America was not only fun, it was hard work but I feel that it has given me a good experience and helped me decide which direction I would like to take with my degree and given me independence and new friendships which will last for many years. I can’t thank the Mulcahy family for opening up their home to me and making this summer one to remember."



Oisin Hassan

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Law with Politics, Interned at Archer, Byington, Glennon and Levine LLP, Long Island, New York.


"My time at Archer, Byington, Glennon and Levine LLP has been an invaluable experience. I have been given the most amazing opportunity to explore future career paths, my understanding of the workplace, and of what is expected of me in the legal environment. I’ve had the complete experience, from being given legal research and memos to write, to attending contract negotiations, attending arbitrations, and meeting with clients face-to-face. I’d like to thank Marty Glennon for the fantastic experience I’ve had at his firm, and for arranging for me to see many different aspects of the legal system in the US. From sitting with a judge in a commercial court and seeing first hand how difficult cases are handled, working for a day with two Assistant District Attorneys in the Suffolk County District Attorney’s office dealing with minor criminal cases, witnessing firsthand the work involved, but also getting to sit in on a murder trial! I’m also extremely grateful for the wide variety of opportunities which I have been given, including a day at NBC with the Head of Security. I never thought I’d be standing on the floor of a newsroom while it was live on air, or getting to see a world security centre in operation!

Living and working in America has been the most rewarding weeks of my life. I feel more confident now about career paths and choices that I have to make in the near future. I’d like to thank everyone at ABGL, including Lori and all the office staff (who looked after me from the day I arrived!), the attorneys who kept me busy with plenty of work and firsthand experience, but especially Marty for the most amazing opportunity! I’d also like to especially thank Bill and Lannie Casey for a wonderful time, and for such a warm welcome into their home. I’ve gain invaluable knowledge and experience from my time as a Project Children intern, but I’ve also made many life long friends."



Owen Williamson

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Law with Politics, Interned at the Nassau County Police Department, New York.


"This summer I was given a unique opportunity to intern with the Intelligence Section of the Nassau County Police Department. The primary role of the Intelligence Section is to interact and maintain liaisons with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies as well as Interpol, the US military and Homeland Security. As a result, the police department can be kept informed on the most up to date intelligence. The Intelligence Section also plays an active role in counter-terrorism initiatives for Nassau County. The Section receives all terrorism leads from federal and state terrorist task forces, which enables detectives to conduct investigations and produce files on the various threats to the County. In addition to this the Section hosts a weekly counter-terrorism meeting which is attended by all relevant law enforcement agencies and ensures the dissemination of necessary information to these agencies including any credible threats.


The work that I undertook was varied and interesting due to the different areas that the Intelligence Section is involved with. I primarily spent my time using specialised databases to search and investigate crimes, individuals, warrants, guns and drugs (among other things). These databases are one of the many tools available to the Intelligence Section and enable it to provide investigative assistance to law enforcement personnel. Detective Sergeant Mary Farrell, head of the Intelligence Section, guaranteed that my time with the Section was anything but dull. Consequently I was able to tour the 911 emergency call centre and the emergency response unit. I was also able to attend lectures with police cadets on subjects including homicide scene investigation, burglary investigation, and arrest procedure as the Intelligence Section is housed on the same site as the Police Academy.


As a law student this internship has broadened my awareness of potential careers as well as providing me with an unparalleled insight into the workings of law enforcement agencies, something that would not be possible in Northern Ireland. I have to extend special thanks to Detective Sergeant Farrell and all the other detectives who helped ensure that my time with the Intelligence Section was both an enjoyable and memorable one. I am also extremely grateful to Project Children for affording me the opportunity to participate in the programme."



Rebekah Morris

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Computing and IT, Interned at Calorique LLC, Massachusetts.


"My experience with Project Children has definitely been one of the best experiences of my life and one that I will never forget. The first week that we spent in Alabama was a phenomenal experience and by the end of it great friendships had been made within the group. It was a sad moment when we landed back in New York after and everyone split up to go their ways to their internships. For the 6 weeks, I carried out my internship at Calorique, a manufacturing company that manufactures radiant heat film, in Wareham, Massachusetts with another of the interns Enda. Throughout the internship, I had a brilliant experience meeting new people and doing different things that I wouldn’t have the chance to do within my degree. I was able to see all aspects of the business, from the production of the product to the sales and marketing side. Through the internship, I was able to meet some amazing and lovely people and working alongside them has really helped to increase my confidence in the work environment. For the time I spent at Calorique, I got to stay in New Bedford with a work colleague James Boydston and with him came his American Bulldog Memphis.


My host family Gene and Sandy McGillycuddy made us feel so welcome from the beginning, inviting us to spend the 4th of July with them and their family in their amazing house on Cape Cod and attending a family reunion. I was so grateful for their hospitality and they really did reflect the kindness there is in America. We also had the opportunity to do and see so much with James who took us anywhere we wanted and wanted to make the most of our short time here. One highlight was definitely when he allowed us to tag along with him down to New York. We were able to see New York, climb the Empire State and then head to New Jersey to meet up with other interns for a day on the Jersey Shore. 


It is unbelievable how much of America we were able to see in the short time that we stayed and I will never forget a second of it. I would just like to thank Project Children for allowing me this opportunity as it has most definitely been the best experience of my life. I am also so grateful to James, for allowing us to stay and showing us so much of the area that we would never have had the chance to see otherwise, and to Gene and Sandy for their generosity and hospitality they showed to us during our stay. My summer here has definitely been an unforgettable experience and I would encourage any student to grab the chance to go, you will definitely not regret it!"



Ruairi O'Callaghan

Student at University College Dublin Studying Business and Law, Interned at the International Minute Press, Plymouth, Michigan.

My summer was spent living and working with the Higgins family in Northville, Michigan. It is difficult to sum up a whole summers worth of experiences in 200 words but what I will say is that Tim and Kittie Higgins are amongst the most genuine, hardworking and considerate people that I have ever come across. From day one they made Danielle and I feel like a part of their family, taking us out and showing us the sites of Michigan as often as they possibly could, while simultaneously running a full time business.  Activities included everything from sampling the winery’s of Michigan, to becoming an active part of Tim’s Rotary club to watching the Detroit Tigers play. I am truly indebted to Tim and Kittie for everything that they did for me over the summer and I wish them the very best for the rest of the year and beyond.



Sarah O'Hagan

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Accounting, Interned at the Turning Stone Resort, Verona, New York


"This summer I interned at Turning Stone Resort and Casino in Oneida. Turning Stone is a world class resort that offers various services such as accommodation, golfing, fine dining and entertainment. The resort has just under 5000 employees and is a top holiday destination within New York state. During my internship I had the opportunity to work within a number of departments from food and beverage to marketing- which ensured my experience was varied and insightful. However, as i study accounting the majority of my internship was spent in finance. Everyone at Turning Stone was really eager to ensure I got the most from my internship. Therefore, I was entrusted with various projects within finance which allowed me to gain first hand experience of practical work situations. The projects also provided me with the opportunity to apply and practice theory I've learnt throughout my degree. The work experience gained from my internship has been invaluable as it has furthered my knowledge of finance, while also providing an intriguing insight into the dynamics of the gaming and hospitality industry. 


Over the course of the 7 weeks, i stayed with two host families. Therefore, I got to experience living in Utica and Syracuse.  Both of my host families were amazing! They were really accommodating and made us feel so welcome. They always had activities planned- such as going to the beach, various festivals or going shopping at Destiny; which is the 4th largest mall in the USA. Additionally, we got to spend a weekend in niagara falls! My summer in America has been truly unforgettable and I am so grateful to Project Children for this life changing opportunity. Not only has my internship equipped me with practical finance experience which I can apply and use in my future career, it has also allowed me to experience the American work ethic and social culture.  Overall, the programme is one of the best things i have ever done, and the experience has reinforced my desire to move to and work in America when I graduate."


Shannon McLorie

Student at Northumbria University Studying Law, Interned at the Morris Co. Prosecutor's Office, New Jersey.


“This summer Caitrionia and I had the privilege of interning at the Morris County Prosecutor’s Office in Morristown, New Jersey. Over the seven week period, legal work was assigned to us by the Assistant Prosecutors. As the Courthouse is adjoined to the Prosecutor’s Office, we could witness various proceedings in criminal, civil and family courts on a daily basis. Usually if there was a high profile case or something interesting on in court someone would come to find us to bring us across. We observed numerous cases, some more graphic than others, but this the type of real life scenarios we will come across in our future career. Everyone in the office, the attorneys, detectives, judges and probation officers were extremely nice and were willing to answer any question you asked. Our desks where situated in the Victim/Witness area, everyone here dealt with the victims, witnesses and their families. They arranged a field trip to a nearby house “Deidre’s house”, located to the side of the courthouse, which was solely for the purpose of interviewing children; it created a comfortable atmosphere for the children, allowing them to feel safe.


I came to love the juvenile court, which is something I was not really interested in before coming to America. The AP for Juvenile Samantha Denegra was an inspiration and an endless help. She took us to the juvenile detention centre and gave us a personalized tour. She gave us endless advice about being an attorney in terms of the practical academic side and the emotional/moral side. She even took us shopping on our lunch breaks! We had the opportunity to meet the first deputy prosecutor and got a glimpse of Chris Christie, the governor of New Jersey when he stopped by the office.


Fionnuala and I stayed with the Grants, who were the best people we could have been placed with. They made everything so accessible to us and would do anything in their power to let us do and experience what we wanted to experience. They immediately made us feel at home in their house. They arranged a day trip to Philadelphia, where we went on a bus tour and to a baseball game, whilst there we tasted famous Philly cheese steaks and went to an Italian bakery to try cannolis. Carol took us to ‘The Shore”, which we loved as we could sunbathe all day. The Kostyak family took us to a Broadway show where we watched the Lion King, it was amazing. We often went for ‘Froyo’ in Morristown and went out for dinner; we went to the cinema on weeknights or shopping. We would usually meet up with the other interns in the weekend so we made many trips into the city, to the Bronx, long island and Greenwood Lake. It was a surreal experience, one never to be forgotten. I am leaving America with an idea of my future career and a stronger passion for the law. I would really like to return to the U.S., the sooner the better."



Shawn Morrow

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Computing and IT, Interned at the Kennedy Computer Consulting, New York.


"During my internship at Kennedy Computing Consultants I learnt a lot. I assisted in a wide range of things. Over the first few days I shadowed and try to grasp what services they were providing to their clients. This involved travelling to different client locations and solving issues that they were featuring.

After the first couple of days I began to take on responsibilities and these ranged from building computers from scratch, installing particular programs to the machines, help fix servers and more. When I was not out fixing issues with Paul (an employee at Kennedy Computers), I was working on building the company a new website. I had only had experience in web design just through my degree pathway; nothing too serious. This was the real deal however. Through this challenge alone I began to grasp web design concepts that I was not familiar with and learn more complex techniques and methods to building websites faster and more efficiently. What was interesting to me regarding this internship was the diversity of each day. We were never doing the same thing over and over again. Instead there was always new challenges we faced, which I see as a great benefit as I am soon going into placement year were I will be a part of a Support team were I will be dealing with varieties of issues each day.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my time at my internship and found it beneficial for my chosen career path. It has given me a great understanding on what it is like to work in a computer company and the challenges that lie within it."



Zara Morrow

Student at Queen's University Belfast Studying Business IT, Interned at Intrepid Capital Funds, New York.


"Pulling up outside the office on July 1st 2013 I was extremely nervous. I thought life in an American Investment company would be something like I’d seen on TV, men screaming when stock prices fluctuated and in all a very on edge environment. Maybe it’s like that in New York but definitely not down in Jacksonville. Greg, one of the portfolio managers greeted me at reception and showed me around the office, he was lovely and I instantly felt welcome at Intrepid Capital.


Within my first week I had been introduced to all the employees of Intrepid and spent some time working in the Investment and Marketing departments. I enjoyed my time in the Marketing department most because I got on well Beth and Erika the Marketing Co-coordinator and Client Liaison representative. Each day I would arrive at work shortly after 8am, I would sign onto my computer and check my emails and await instruction from Beth as to what the objectives for my day would be. I completed a variety of tasks such as mailings, running through second quarter commentaries and looking at promotional and advertising ideas for the coming Fall party. I normally took my lunch hour around 12.30pm and headed out for a walk around the small shops near to the office except on Thursdays and Fridays when I only worked a half day meaning I had time to go to the beach or plan outings with Aisling.


After lunch on Mondays and Thursdays I’d sit in on the office’s update meetings where everyone would discuss what they had been working on for the last week. It was a great opportunity to see how the objectives of the different departments intertwined. The board room was daunting but I slowly became more and more accustomed to it and learnt to be more confident in talking about my tasks. My confidence was the main thing that improved over the 6 weeks as I got to be more familiar with my colleagues I wasn’t afraid to ask what some of the investment jargon phrases meant. I was able to speak with clients and watch how stocks are researched and bough on the Stock Exchange. Outside of work the office went bowling and had pizza days which were brilliant to see everyone much more relaxed, I spent a lot of time outside of work with the girls from the marketing department on various shopping and boating trips too.


I thoroughly enjoyed my placement at Intrepid Capital. I don’t think I could have asked for a better working environment or colleagues who helped make my time so memorable. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all those at Intrepid for making my internship extremely beneficial and enjoyable."