The Importance of Alumni


Project Children as a non- profit organization and relies on the generosity of others in their donations not only of money but of time. Many volunteers have given up time, took Project Children interns and children not only into their homes but into their family. The host families, the co-coordinators and every volunteer or donator no matter how big or how small have contributed to making this organization a success and creating peace in Northern Ireland "one child at a time".





Are You A Past Project Children Intern?



Alumni stories allow us to hear the stories of past interns in how a summer in America has changed their lives and given them invaluable experience and unforgettable memories. Also for host families who have been touched by opening their homes. Words we write or say cannot describe your story, what project children has done for you or meant to you, Only you can do this. Help us to reconnect host families and interns or simply to share your story and let everyone see how amazing our organization really is.



We would love to see any photos you have from your internship at your work place or with your host family. We would also like to see photos of you now in your current place of work. If you are interested in helping us build our Alumni and sharing your story please complete the box below and if possible send us photographs with your name to:





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