The Project Children Intern Program provides a once in a lifetime opportunity for students from Northern Ireland and Ireland to spend 8 weeks in the summer working in the US to further their knowledge and experience in their chosen field of study.  



In 1995, Project Children decided to build on the success of the childrens program. The organisation extendeded it's reach to university students by initiating the summer internship program. 


With such a large network of co-ordinators and host families built up over the years throughout the US, Project Children were able to pre-arrange a number of internships through their extensive contacts. In much the same way as the childrens program, students were brought over to the US during the summer to work and live. This gave the students the opportunity to gain some invaluable work experience in an international setting.


Internships are provided in many fields ranging from law and politics, to medicine and engineering. Each internship is selected to ensure the student gets the best possible experience during their time there. The work is very involved and hands on. Students leave the US after the program with a reference that will set their CV apart from others.


Now running for almost 20 years, over 600 students have taken part in the program. It has grown from the initial 10 students per summer, to over 45 students per summer. As with the childrens program, this has all been made possible through private donations and government grants, the hospitality of the host families, and the effort of the Project Children volunteers.